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28th November 2020
EGX-20 Spares
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EGX-20 Spares
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New pet tags designs from Mastergrave Ltd

Diamond tip cutters to fit Mastergrave engraving machines, Roland engraving machines, most machines

EGX-20 Spares

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Carbide & High Speed Steel Cutters (STC1 & HSS1)
Carbide & High Speed Steel Cutters STC1
Cat #: Cutter
1/8 x 4/12" cutters. Ground to you requirements. Contact our sales office if you have more detailed information for us. Other tip sizes available on request.
£ Options Available
Carbide Cutter S/Pack (4 Cutters) to fit Roland EGX20 /30A/350 (ENG18START)
Carbide Cutter S/Pack (4 Cutters) to fit Roland EGX-20(EGX20) /30A/350 (ENG18STA
Cat #: STC1SP-R
Roland EGX-20 and EGX-350 carbide cutter starter pack (4 cutters).
£100.00 +VAT
Composite Diamond For Glass
Cat #: DC02
1/8" x 4" - Diamond Cutters

The drag engraving tool has a conical natural diamond, bonded into a stainless steel shank. It has no cutting facets, so depth is dependent on engraving pressure.

Generally used without a motor, the drag diamond cuts a bright groove through any metal item.

Available with 90, 120 tips for hard, medium and soft metals respectively.
£ Options Available
LT1R Light Touch for Roland EGX20
Light Touch for Roland EGX-20 (EGX20) & EGX-30A (EGX30A) )EGX-350)
Cat #: LT1R
Light Touch, sprung cutter knob for Roland EGX20, EGX30A and EGX-350 for use with diamond cutters for a lighter cut. Dor use with 1/8 cutters (3.175mm)
£85.00 +VAT
Plastic Handled Cutter Wrench
Plastic Handled Cutter Wrench
Cat #: CW1
Plastic handled cutter wrench for use with Mastergrave engraving machines.
£6.50 +VAT
Roland Drive Belt for EGX20/350/360/400/600
Roland Drive Belt for EGX-20(EGX20)/350/360/400/600
Cat #: ROL11929131
Roland Drive Belt for EGX20/350/360/400/600.
£38.00 +VAT
Engravers Super Sticky Mat - Leaves no residue on your products
Roland Engravers Hold Down Mat MAT10 - Leaves no residue on your products
Cat #: Mat10
A unique work holding mat, which grips engravables securely. Completely re-usable and leaves no residue on your products.
£ Options Available
Replacement Spindle for Roland EGX20
Roland Replacement Spindle for EGX-20 (EGX20)
Cat #: ROLZS20
Replacement Spindle for Roland EGX20
£175.00 +VAT
ROLZM12 Roland Spindle Motor for EGX20
Roland Spindle Motor for EGX-20 (EGX20)
Cat #: ROLZM12
Roland Spindle Motor for EGX20
£175.00 +VAT

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