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27th November 2020
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New pet tags designs from Mastergrave Ltd

Diamond tip cutters to fit Mastergrave engraving machines, Roland engraving machines, most machines

Our secure trading platform for taking payment is down at the moment.   

You can still place your order online and phone 01234 218 226 to make payment using card. Pay by bacs S/C 30-90-66 Account no: 78056160 or email your order to 

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Engravers Super Sticky Mat - Leaves no residue on your products
Roland Engravers Hold Down Mat MAT10 - Leaves no residue on your products
Cat #: Mat10
A unique work holding mat, which grips engravables securely. Completely re-usable and leaves no resi...
Engravers Thin Double Sided Machine Tape
Engravers Thin Double Sided Machine Tape (TAPE3N, TAPE4N, TAPE5N)
Cat #: Tape3N/4N/5N
A thin double sided tape for holding down engraving plates on the engraving bed....
Carbide & High Speed Steel Cutters (STC1 & HSS1)
Carbide & High Speed Steel Cutters STC1
Cat #: Cutter
1/8 x 4/12" cutters. Ground to you requirements. Contact our sales office if you have more detailed...
 Strong Engravers Double Sided Tape
Strong Webbed Engravers Double Sided Machine Tape (TAPE3W, TAPE4W/5W
Cat #: TAPE3/4W/5W
This double-sided webbed tape is perfect for holding down material on engraving tables. It is strong...
Standard Diamond Drag 120 degree
Diamond Cutters for Mastergrave, Roland, Gravograpah & U-Marq machines (DC04)
Cat #: DC04
11/64" x 6 1/2" - DC04 Diamond Cutters & 11/64" x 8" Long DC04 Diamond Cutter....
Double Sided Tape for securing badges, shields and plates.
Double Sided Tape for securing badges, shields and plates. DST1, DST2, DST3
Cat #: DST
A strong, clear double-sided tape for permanently fixing badges, plaques, shields and plates. 50m le...
STC3/HSS3 & STC3/HG 11/64
Carbide Cutters (For Mastergrave, U-Marq & Roland Machines) (STC3)
Cat #: STC3 Carbide Cutters
11/64 x 6 1/2" carbide cutters. Various tip styles and sizes available, please contact us if you ha...
Micro laminate in White on Black,Black on White,White on Red,Red on White
Heritage/Micro Laminate - Perfect laminate for rotary engraving
Cat #: Heritage/Micro
A micro surfaced non glare finish in traditional colours. 4 x 2' (48" x 24") sheets. 1.5mm thickness...
Carbide Cutter Starter Pack (5 Cutters) STC3SP to fit Mastergrave & U-Marq
STC3SP Carbide Cutter Starter Pack (5 Cutters) to fit Mastergrave, Roland EGX-3
Cat #: STC3SP
Starter pack of 11/64" x 6 1/2" carbide cutters for Mastergrave or U-Marq computerised engraving mac...
Rigid Traffolyte Sheets white/black/white,black/white/black,white/red/white
Rigid Laminates (Standard Colours) Also known as Traffolyte or Formica
Cat #: Rigid Laminates
A 3 ply laminate, available in 1.5 and 3mm thickness.
The standard colours have a glossy finish a...
 Laser Pro Laminates 1.5mm
**NEW** Laser Pro 1 Laminates 1.6mm
Cat #: LP001/2/3/4/5/6/7/8
Laser Pro a range of metallics and standard coulours 1.5mm thick for laser machines. (**looking ...
Prestige Laminate available in matt, polished and brushed finishes
Prestige/Micro - A micro surfaced selection of metalics
Cat #: Prestige/Micro
A 1.5mm thickness micro surfaced selection of metallics.
4' x 2' (48" x 24") sheets....

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Secure trading platform down at present
16th November 2020
Our secure trading platform for taking payment is down at the moment.
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