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31st July 2021
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New pet tags designs from Mastergrave Ltd

Diamond tip cutters to fit Mastergrave engraving machines, Roland engraving machines, most machines

Screws & Screw Caps

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 Brass & Chrome Plated Spacers (Pack 4)
Brass & Chrome Plated Spacers (Pack 4)
Brass and chrome plated spacers designed to raise an engraved plate from its mounted surface.
£ Options Available
Brass Roundhead Screws
Brass Roundhead Screws
Cat #: SCREW
Four sizes of brass roundhead screws. 50g bags
£7.90 +VAT
Brass Slotted Screws
Brass Slotted Screws
Cat #: SCREW1
4 gauge x 5/8 Brass slotted screw, should be counter-sunk. 50g bag
£6.50 +VAT
Coned Screw Caps (Pk4)
Coned Screw Caps (Pk4)
Cat #: Coned Screw Caps
Coned screw caps, with screws - pk4
£5.50 +VAT
Counter Sunk Machine Screws
Counter Sunk Screws
Cat #: Counter Sunk Screws
Standard metric counter sunk screw,replacement machine part.
£ Options Available
Domed Screw Caps (Pk4)
Domed Screw Caps (Pk4)
Cat #: Domed Screw Caps
Domed Screw Caps (Pk4)
Comes with screws.
£5.50 +VAT
Flat Screw Caps (Pk4)
Flat Screw Caps (Pk4)
Cat #: Flat Screw Caps
Flat screw caps - comes with screws. Pk4
£5.50 +VAT
Half Round Screw Cap (Pk4)
Half Round Screw Caps (Pk4)
Cat #: Half Round Screw Cap
Available in Chromium and Lacquered Brass. Comes with screws.
£5.50 +VAT
PENLOC 1:1 12 ML SYRINGE (adhesive)
Is the original ‘pink & green’ ultimate fast curing (5 mins) 2-part toughened acrylic structural adhesive. Many have tried to copy this adhesive and all have failed to match its unrivalled high performance and amazing quality. Penloc 1:1 will bond almost any material combination giving an extremely high strength join. It will tolerate -55°C to +125°C. (nozzle not included) ** Order applicator nozzle separately (as many as you need) **
£ Options Available

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